Rev. Oscar James

Topic: Healing and Restoration of the Effective Intercessor

Sis Kay Grant

Topic: Healing & Restoration of the Effective Intercessor

Apostle Nelda McIntosh

Topic: Praying through the Watches

Pastor Paulette Pearson

Topic: Engaging the Younger generation in effective prayers

Apos. Rubina Robinson

Topic: Restoring the role of the effective Intercessor in Christ's Church

Psalmist Gary Campbell

Stirring mighty men to turn back the battle at the gates.

Proph Antoinette Smith-Campbell

Topic: Effective Intercession in the realms of the Prophetic

Apostle Wayne Palmer

Topic: Prayer Talith - Deeper intimacy with God

Pastor Melody Palmer

Topic: The birthing of a nation.

Apostle Wayne Palmer​

Spiritual Mapping for effective intercession in God's Kingdom